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For you in the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, we have a very large Facebook group in Danish language about Cannabis Oil and Recovery (23.000+ members) where everyone is welcome to discuss cannabis oil from us. In this well-attended forum, we give good advice to each other and support each other across illnesses and disorders.

You are also welcome from Scandinavian countries, and here is the link to the group ->

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Oil For My Cancerous Son In Ten Years? Does it work against severe epilepsy? Can I drop the happiness pills and use cannabis for my depression?

The questions, the good advice and the miracle stories are many when you click on one of the Danish Facebook groups that support medical cannabis.

From 28 kinds of medicine to cannabis

Here, sick Danes seek help and share their experiences with the illegal plant.

One of those who use the groups extensively is 35-year-old Kevin William Simpson, who has suffered from anxiety and depression:

- I went from taking 28 different kinds of strong medicine to replacing it all with cannabis medicine and a healthy, organic lifestyle, he says.

Sick flows to cannabis group

In addition to being a cannabis medicine user, Kevin William Simpson is also an active debater and administrator in the group "Medical Cannabis- We are in recovery."

The group was founded in June 2013, and since then it has gone strong:

- Every day there are many new users, and it is everything from the grandfather with cancer to the young mother whose child has epilepsy, Kevin William Simpson explains.

Counseling outside doctors

Like the other administrators in the Facebook group, Kevin William Simpson has no medical education. Still, he believes it is justifiable to impart knowledge on medical cannabis: ´

- We constantly point out that we are not experts, but that we pass on expert knowledge and that we all have personal experience with medical cannabis. We are living proof that it works, he explains.

The two main purposes of the Facebook groups are to draw attention to the beneficial effects of the cannabis plant and to legalize it for medical use. But patients must increasingly be equipped to take care of their own illness:

- Unlike the established treatment system, we do not want to make decisions for people. It's ultimately up to people to decide whether or not to use medical cannabis, declares Kevin William Simpson.

From loser to miracle medicine

The interest in medical cannabis has increased greatly as several countries have legalized medical cannabis to varying degrees in recent years. Among other things, the Netherlands, Israel and the United States.

But it has also helped the Danes generally become more open to alternative medicine, explains researcher Lasse Skovgaard, who is affiliated with the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen:

- The eco-wave has washed over us and has led to an increased skepticism towards modern medicine. And a perception that it is better to strengthen one's own body with natural treatments than to use artificial chemistry, he explains.

In the old days, the doctor's words were lawful, and they did not question the medicine they were given. But it's not like that anymore:

- We take our destiny into our own hands. Also when it comes to illness. And this tendency is especially exacerbated by chronic and serious diseases such as arthritis or cancer. Here, many are more likely to take alternative paths, says Lasse Skovgaard.

By Anders Thorkil Bechgaard

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