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Facial and Body Oil - Mild Strength (300mg CBD) - Large 200ml - Endoca


Used as a wellness product. A delicious composition of organic apricot kernel, bergamot and cannabis oil. Pamper your face and body with nourishing plant oils and CBD. Apricot kernel and Bergamot citrus oil make the skin fragrant, smooth and with glowing skin tone from head to toe. The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin, and help soothe stressed skin.

It is rich in antioxidants; cannabidiol, plant fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin E, it protects the skin from mild irritation, redness and signs of aging. Use several times a day and remember that in combination with your solid CBD oil intake you get even better results.

Face & Body oil gives your skin a healthy glow and keeps the skin moist and soft.

Endoca face and body oil is naturally free of chemicals, parabens and mineral oil.

Keep away from sunlight and heat.

The THC level is usually between non-measurable and up to 0,05%.


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