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Team OilsBySimpson ™

Maria S.

is 34 and you meet her when you write to OilsBySimpson on the chat here on the page, write us an e-mail and you will meet her on our social media, such as our Facebook page. Maria has had depression for 7 years, and has come out happy on the other side with Endoca's organic CBD products. Maria still has anxiety problems in many life situations and best helps the CBD gum which is completely THC free.

Henrik Spliid Hansen

is 50 and you meet him on the phone at OilsBySimpson:
Personally, my interest in plants and herbs arose when a friend fell ill about seven years ago. The friend's success made me want to see if I could also find the plants and herbs that could help me regain some of the quality of life I had lost after being hit twice in a car accident. The accidents have caused me whiplash, as well as nerve pain in the upper back, neck and head.

After trying all the health care system suggested for well over fourteen years, here we talk about what doctors, pain clinics etc suggested. As well as EJ having found better quality of life with the pills, CBD hemp oil and other natural solutions were also my way. That is why I want to help others, to make it available and at prices where everyone can join, everyone deserves to have a life without the side effects of medicine that does not heal.

Kevin Wiliam Simpson

is 41 and you meet him sometimes when you contact OilsBySimpson on the social media. As well as on our cannabis information videos.

Kevin, with the help of Endocas CBD oil, has replaced a daily pill of 28 pills.
His medication was for example. for: asthma, allergy, eczema, anxiety, depression, hypomania, difficulty sleeping, diabetes 2,
medically induced parkinsonism as well as other neurological disorders. He is currently free of chemical preparations and generally disease free.