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Team Oils by Simpson ™

Maria Santos

If you are 38 years old and you meet her when you write to Oils by Simpson in the chat on this page, write us an e-mail, and you will meet her on our social media, such as our Facebook page.

Maria had depression for 7 years, and has come out happy on the other side with Endoca's organic CBD products. Maria still has anxiety problems in many life situations and best helps the CBD chewing gum which is completely THC free.

Kevin William Simpson

Is 44 years old, and you meet him when you call us, as well as when you contact Oils By Simpson on social media.

With the help of Endoca's CBD oil, Kevin has replaced a daily medication consumption of 28 pills. His medication was i.a. for: asthma, allergies, eczema, anxiety, depression, hypomania, sleep disorders, type 2 diabetes, medically induced parkinsonism and other neurological disorders.

Kevin is currently free of prescription chemical preparations, and is generally symptom-free and well-treated. As well as by good courage since the prescription quit the medicine. Thanks in particular to the CBD cannabis products that we carry here in the store.