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Our various oils should all be considered as an important and necessary supplement to your daily diet if you take your health seriously. We do not use any artificial additives in the production of our unprocessed plant extracts. The only thing we add is CO2 from the air we all breathe - to extract the plant's beneficial and health-promoting molecules.

This simple mode of production guarantees that we preserve the full spectrum of the plant's most important molecules, such as nutrients, terpenes, essential fatty acids and flavonoids from the organic parent plant. We also use cold filtration process to improve the taste and to make the oil easy and pleasant to consume.


By choosing, for example, the crude and unprocessed oil, you get all the health benefits that Nature itself wants to pass on. Our philosophy is to use the plant as close to its original form and purpose as possible. Therefore, this processing process is refined to preserve the complex structure of the parent plant with over 400 efficient and health promoting molecules.


For your sake, we want it all. By using the totally crude and unprocessed oil in liquid form, your body ensures a higher and more efficient absorption. This means that as many as possible health-producing molecules that you get are also absorbed optimally by the whole body as well as in central areas of your brain.

All our products are completely free of pesticides, plant poisons or fertilizers added to chemical toxins. And in addition, you get the recommended 1: 3 ratio for the vital omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (which are also found in Nature itself), as well as Vitamin E as well as many other beneficial antioxidants in optimal interaction.


Nutrition, sleep and relaxation will always - individually as well as in good combination - be an inevitable prerequisite to embrace all the necessary aspects of vital health. If we neglect to get plenty of plant core ingredients, then our health slowly begins to deteriorate. But if we get too little of everything, we always have the mother plant, which in its unprocessed state fortunately works fully synergistically with our own body's advanced biochemistry.

This is thanks to the many multifunctional and health-promoting molecules found in the raw plant - and fortunately all of them are highly compatible with our own DNA. In fact, we will go so far as to claim that the full-spectrum parent plant is tantamount to pronounced holistic health.


Of course, we guarantee that everything you see on our labels is also what you get. By applying a thorough pharmaceutical control program, including standardized laboratory tests, all our products achieve uniform strength and purity in a methodical way.

We continuously focus on further developing our rigorous production methods. by using experienced chemists, biologists and ditto plant and nutrition experts. This necessary expertise has combined our organic plant extracts to one of the highest standards in good and recognized production practice.

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