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CBD Strength 1 - For those who want to get started with CBD (and you who are already using)

These products are suitable for you who want to start with CBD oil for the first time and for you who are already well underway. They contain an appropriate amount of CBD, which is why they are effective for the beginner, as well as for you as an experienced user. The effect of CBD oil varies from one individual to another - It is therefore a good idea to start with smaller dosages and then over a few days or weeks to adjust the dosage according to your own needs.

CBD strength 2 - to the user who knows about CBD oil

In the vast majority of cases, CBD oil has a fast and effective effect - especially if you gradually increase your consumption as your body gets used to the CBD oil. The products below are aimed at those of you who have built up a good experience with the oil. You have learned that your body responds well to CBD oil and that you are therefore also ready to increase the dosage. See the products below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.