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Delivery: The shipment typically takes 2-3 business days for delivery to Denmark when the item is in stock with us. If the item is in backorder you can often but not always order the item even though it is sold out and we will ship when we have it in stock again. For other EU countries, shipping typically takes 3 - 7 business days.

Our warehouse and e-commerce fullfilment center is called Directlink, and they ship from the EU country Poland to ensure that your delivery within the EU reaches you as soon as possible and legally. The store packs Monday to Friday all weekdays except holidays. The package is first tried to be delivered to your delivery address and can also be delivered to a Package Shop if you are not home at the time of delivery. Delivery to Denmark is via UPS even though Directlink is owned by Postnord. And we ship with UPS to other countries in the EU.

Delivery costs to Denmark:
We pay for your shipping and handling for parcels to Denmark when in your cart for 500 DKK goods after any discounts are deducted. Otherwise, DKK 70 for shipping and handling from an EU country and home to you in Denmark.

Delivery costs to EU countries in Europe:
We pay for your shipping and handling for parcels to a country within the EU community when your shopping cart is for 750 kr goods. Otherwise DKK 75 for shipping and handling from an EU country and to the recipient country within the EU.

Payment: All prices on oilsbysimpson.dk include VAT / IVA / VAT. The VAT rate depends on the country you are trading from and all amounts are in Danish kroner / DKK

Card payments: When you pay with either Visa card or Mastercard, in our internet shop, we will reserve your payment immediately. There is a 0% fee for you using card payment as this expense is covered by us. Unfortunately we cannot receive payment with Dankort, but if you have a combined Visa / Dankort, the Visa part will be used for payment. The amount of the goods is only deducted when the goods are shipped from us. A greater amount can never be deducted than what you approved for the purchase

Secure payment online, registration with NEM ID

Both VISA and Mastercard today have an online security solution that makes online commerce more secure for both business and cardholders. The common term for these security solutions is 3D-Secure. For Visa, the solution is called "Verified by Visa", for MasterCard the solution is called "Mastercard Identity Check".

The solution in its simplicity consists of a one-time code, which the cardholder receives via SMS if you shop for more than DKK 450.

Register your card now, for secure payment online

To shop in online stores that use Verified by Visa / Mastercard Identity Check, you must have a mobile phone number associated with your debit card. Your bank may have already signed up for a number, or you can sign it up here.

Register your mobile number for your payment card at NETS here:

To change or delete your mobile number at NETS:

All Danish issued credit cards can be used in the security solution. Your bank will associate a mobile number with the card upon creation. You can change or delete the associated mobile number for a card through your online bank or the link on this page. To change or delete your mobile number for your card, use NemID. Faroese NemIDs do not work in the solution and mobile numbers must therefore be registered or changed through your bank.

If no card number is associated with your card, the first time you shop in an online store, you will be asked to assign a mobile number. You can either end the current trading with NemID or follow the link to the registration page and then complete the purchase. You need to use NemID for this.

If a phone number is associated with your card, you will receive a one-time code via SMS when you shop. In addition to the one-time code, the SMS states which business you are trading with and what amount you must approve. You enter the one-time code on the website to complete your purchase.

Be aware that you only receive a one-time code when you start a trade. You do not need a one-time code to cancel a trade.

If you do not have a Danish NemID, you can ask your bank to sign up for the solution. In this case, you should also ask your bank to help you change or delete your mobile number.

If you cannot receive an SMS
There may be situations where you cannot receive an SMS. On the one hand, you can stay in a place where there is little mobile coverage and on the other, the local mobile operators may have blocked certain types of SMS if you are abroad, for example. In these situations it is possible to use NemID. It takes place in the screen where you have to enter your SMS code. Here you can choose to verify with NemID instead. Press the "NemID" button and you will be connected to NemID. Here you complete the normal NemID dialogue and when this is completed, your trading will continue in the usual way.

Read more here at NETS about secure payment online:

Payment by bank transfer: Please simply place your order number on the shipment. Your order will only be shipped once we have confirmed the payment.

For DHaitian bank transfers:
Danske Bank, reg no 1551 account no 3402272929

For International transfers:
IBAN Number: DK1230003402272929
BIC code / SWIFT address: DABADKKK

We usually receive bank transfers within Denmark on the same banking day or the next banking day. Bank transfer internationally within the EU typically takes 2 to 3 banking days before we receive the payment, which unfortunately delays the delivery, since our warehouse hotel only ships the goods once the bank transfer is registered received.

If you cancel your purchase (cancellation right): You have 14 days to cancel when you shop with us. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day you; a) have received your item b) get the last item in physical possession when it comes to an agreement on several different goods ordered in one order and delivered individually c) get the last lot or the last part in physical possession in the case of an agreement for the supply of a product consisting of several lots or parts; (d) the first item in physical possession in the case of regular delivery of goods over a specified period.

You must notify us within 14 days of receipt that you wish to cancel your purchase. The notice must be given by sending us an email at [Email protected] and in your notice, please make it clear to us that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal. Returns: You must return your order to us as a package with track and trace number and store receipt, without undue delay and within 14 days of notifying us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You must bear the direct costs associated with the return of the item. Upon return, you are responsible for ensuring that the item is properly wrapped. You bear the risk of the goods from the time of delivery of the goods. You will lose your right of withdrawal if you break sealed items that are not suitable for return for health protection or hygiene reasons and where the seal has been broken after delivery. The condition of the item when returning it must be complete and undamaged.

Refund of the purchase amount: If you regret your purchase, you will of course refund the amount you paid us. In the event of any impairment for which you are liable, this amount will be deducted. If you exercise your right of cancellation, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (but not additional costs as a result of your choice of a different form of delivery than the cheapest form of standard delivery we offer), without undue delay and in any case within 14 days from the date we received notice of your decision to cancel this Agreement. We will make such a refund with the same payment method that you used in the original transaction, unless you have explicitly agreed otherwise. We can withhold the refund until we have received the item back, unless you have provided documentation before returning it.

If you regret the purchase, the item must be sent to the address below (remember to agree with us via email) [Email protected] )

What should I send back? You must attach a copy of the order confirmation. Note! We do not receive parcels sent by mail. COD .:

Ronda President Irla 28,
08302 Mataro, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Complaints and complaints: If there is something wrong with the item (right of complaint). The shortage rules of the Purchasing Act may apply to goods purchases. If your product is defective when you shop at http: /oilsbysimpson.dk you have, as a starting point, two years of right to claim. This means that you can either get the goods exchanged, the money back or the price reduction, depending on the specific situation. If the delivered item you received was defective at delivery.

You must notify OilsBySimpson.dk within an "reasonable time" after finding an error / defect in the product by emailing [Email protected] If you advertise within two months after the defect is discovered, the complaint will always be timely. If you are advertising a product, you must describe the defect in writing, if possible, attach a photo of the product's batch number (production number) and a video of the item / error, and remember to write your order number, as well as attach a copy of your invoice. If your complaint is justified (the item is defective), you can either have the item exchanged, refunded or discounted, depending on the specific situation, and (reasonable) shipping costs reimbursed to you in case you need to return to us, In this case, it is important that you use the shipping with the track and trace number on the shipment, and that you keep the receipt on this as we will need it to refund you.

Label the shipment with a complaint and your order number. Note! We do not receive parcels sent by mail. claims or similar.

The product is sent to:

Ronda President Irla 28,
08302 Mataro, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Remember that the item must always be returned in proper packaging and remember to get a receipt for shipping so that we can reimburse your shipping costs. If you wish to exercise your right of complaint, or if you wish to further complain about your purchase, you can write us an e-mail at the following e-mail address: [Email protected]

You can also always complain to the Consumer Complaints Board here (note, however, the Consumer Complaints Board's conditions of complaint at all times, including amount limits) It is of course a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect did not arise as a result of improper use of the product or other injurious behavior. .

What we do with your personal information (privacy policy): In order for you to enter into an agreement with us, we need the following information: Name Address Phone number E-mail address. We register your personal data for the purpose of delivering the goods to you, including cookies. The personal data is registered with (OilsBySimpson.dk) and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted. As well as being transferred to an external supplier and shipping for delivery. When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it always happens when you give your explicit consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.

Customer Service, Directlink Warehouse Warehouse and Distribution and Logistics for OilsBySimpson, have access to the information recorded about you. The data controller at https://www.oilsbysimpson.dk is Kevin William Simpson. We store customer information encrypted. We transmit customer information encrypted. Information provided to https://www.oilsbysimpson.dk is not disclosed or sold in any way to third parties not disclosed here, and we do not record any sensitive information.

As registered with OilsBySimpson.dk, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is recorded about you. You have these rights under the Personal Data Act and any inquiries in connection therewith are addressed to us via email at [Email protected]

Complaint Access If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact email [Email protected] If we are unable to find a solution, you can file a complaint with relevant boards in the area if the conditions are met.

- To:

Ronda President Irla 28,
08302 Mataro, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

- I / We (*) hereby announce that I / We (*) wish to exercise the right of withdrawal in connection with my / our (*) purchase agreement for the following goods (*) / provision of the following services (*)

- Ordered it (*) / Received it (*)

- The name of the consumer

- The consumer's address

- Consumer's signature

- Date

General information: Valid from 01 July 2012 - Last revised on 02 September 2020.